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Two years ago, I was browsing Google to search for crochet patterns. One of the results in the first page was ( join Pinterest today, to find 1000+ crochet patterns).

I clicked the link, downloaded the application, and guess what?!!

I found a new addiction to stick to!!

From that time and Pinterest is number one of the most applications used in my mobile phone.

I was searching for crochet patterns (my hobby), decorations, DIYs, organization ideas, recipes and more!

One day, while I was browsing Pinterest ( which is a search engine rather than a social media) a post popped up was carrying the title ( How to start a profitable blog that makes money in 15 minutes).

I read the post and saved it, and I liked the idea of making money at home by blogging!

So, I decided to start my own blog.

I read many posts about using Pinterest for bloggers, so I decided to focus on Pinterest as the main source to make my words spread through the world.

From the very first blog post, Pinterest was number one of traffic referral to my blog.

Anyway, I retired my first blog because of some blogging mistakes and started a new one (this blog) in August 2018.

The first two weeks with my blog, I got more than 14k page views!! And of course, Pinterest is the biggest referral again!!

In November 2018, my page views dropped to 6k page views because I didn’t use Pinterest frequently. My Pinterest impressions were 93k which was not a good number for me!


How did I get 50k page views and increased my Pinterest impressions to 813k?!!

In December my blog traffic was 50.136 and my Pinterest impressions were more than 800k! But, how did I do that?

The answer is VIRAL PINS.
I had 2 viral pins that skyrocketed my views!!


The Pinterest strategy I followed last month was the same each month despite one thing: I paid more attention to the image titles. Honestly, I stole this strategy from the biggest bloggers that I’m following on Pinterest.

Look at the pin on the left side:

The title on this pin doesn’t seem very interesting, I pinned this pin but it didn’t convert to good traffic. Then I replaced it with the pin on the right side:


This pin was enormous! Was magic!!

It converted into very high traffic and repins.

The game was the title.

So, if you want to boost your traffic, pay enough attention to your pin’s title, it’s the game changer!!


How can you make your pins virals?!

If you do not get any viral pin yet, don’t lose the hope. I can give you the exact steps I did to make my pin go viral.

1- Write a helpful and great content:

It’s the most important factor in blogging. If you need some motivation just go check out other amazing blogs, scroll down to the popular posts section (not all blogs have this section) and you will find rich topics you can use. 

Another way to get some motivation is to check the Pinterest accounts of the top bloggers in your niche. Look for their most popular pins and you can write on similar topic.

Try to write content with the right spelling, grammar and punctuation, to ensure that your writing is perfect, you can install a FREE tool called Grammarly which helps your post be clear and mistake-free.



2- Create 2 or 3 vertical images for your post:

It’s ok to have multiple pins that carry the same URL. Design your pins using any designer program like Canva or picmonkey.

Another tip is that if your pin goes viral, their sisters (the pins that carry the same URL) will go viral too.

See these pins have the same URL and all of them converted into high traffic:

3- Write a killer title on your pin:

If you want your pins to go viral, you must pay more attention to the image title. Write a title that makes everyone feel curious and click the pin to visit your website.

As I mentioned above, the first pin I created didn’t convert into high traffic.

But then I changed the title on the pin, and guess what happened?!!

404k impressions, 969 saves, 28k clicks and visits to my blog for a single pin!!

And all that in just two weeks after I published the post!

4- SEO checklist:

It’s important to use Pinterest SEO checklist to make your pin rank high in Pinterest, and appears to the people who don’t follow you.

You can see a brief explanation about Pinterest SEO checklist on my ( Pinterest for bloggers tutorial).

5- Insert 2 or 3 vertical images in your post:

Install jQuery pin it, and social warfare plugins to make it easier for your visitors to pin from your blog post to their own boards, and that will help your pins to be more popular.

You can also add a call to action at the end of the post following by a vertical image like what I did at the end of this post, to encourage the reader to share your post.

6- Pin your pin to your own boards and to Pinterest group boards:

Pinterest group boards is a game changer that helps your pin to reach more people and of course more traffic to your blog.

If you want to increase the impressions of your pin, you should make a gap of at least 12 hours before you repin the same pin again.

You can use a scheduler like tailwind for this process.

7- Be active on Facebook groups:

It’s important to cooperate with other bloggers and help each other. Facebook groups are a great place to achieve that.

You can join (pin from a blog post) and (Pinterest repin) threads.

Anyway, you can see a list of Facebook groups that I’m personally joining their Pinterest threads at the bottom of this tutorial.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission from each purchase made through my links without extra cost to you. Thank you for understanding.

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