10 cake recipes for new year/gluten-free/ low-calories/ keto


The new year is coming in few days. I can’t imagine how the time passes very quickly!!
We will be in 2019 soon!!
Every family have a special traditions to welcome the new year, but one of the most common traditions globally is eating desserts and cakes in this celebration.
It’s a warm holiday that families meet together, eat cakes and make barbeque.
I want this new year holds special memories for you, so I’ll share with you 10 new year cake recipes!
I didn’t forget those on keto diet, vegan and calories watchers so I picked special cake recipes for you to enjoy the new year celebration!!

1- New Year’s Eve Clock Cake:

A fantastic idea to Celebrate new year’s eve in style by creating this spectacular new year’s eve clock cake!

You can learn this recipe here.

2- French Opera Cake:

If you ever tried the french opera cake, you will know very well it worth the time investment. It made from layers of light almond sponge cake, coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache.

You can learn this recipe here.


3- Old Fashioned Carrot Cake:

If you love old fashioned desserts, then this recipe is for you. It’s moist and delicious, so I’m sure all your family will fill in love with it, specially the older ones like your grandma and grandpa.

You can learn this recipe here.


4- Bailey’s Malteser Cheesecake:

It’s a delicious and easy white chocolate Bailey’s malteser cheesecake that’s completely no-bake!

You can learn this recipe here.


5- Bibikkan (Coconut Treacle Cake):

It’s a sri Lankan traditional cake. It’s a very rich cake that’s why it made just for celebration like new year.6

You can learn this recipe here.



6- Danish Layer Cake:

This traditional layer cake is a homemade yellow cake with layers of creamy vanilla pudding and raspberry jam.

You can learn this recipe here.


7- Chocolate Raspberry Bavarois ( Vegan And Grain Free):

I know that it’s hard to find a delicious vegan cake recipe. Eggs, milk and butter are the main ingredients of most types of cakes.

Chocolate raspberry bavarois is the right choice for vegans to Celebrate a sweet new year. The good news is that this cake is gluten-free too!

I’m sure if you see this photo, you’ll not be able to wait for the new year to try it, you will try it now!!

You can learn this recipe here.


8- Keto Chocolate Cake:

Being on keto diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the new year celebration like others! You can make your own keto chocolate cake that tastes like non-keto cakes!

You can also make it for the whole family, and the kids will never discover that it’s a keto cake!!

You can learn this recipe here.


9- 100 Calories Chocolate cake :

Eat chocolate cake and slim down!!
It’s real!!

If you are a weight watcher and you want to Celebrate the new year and eat desserts, then this chocolate cake is the right choice for you.
It contains just 100 calories make it both delicious and healthy.

You can learn this recipe here.


10- Salted Caramel Gluten-Free Cake:

Again, if you are on gluten-free diet, you can celebrate the new year eating delicious cakes!

This gluten-free cake contains three layers make it mouth-watering.

You can learn this recipe here.


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10 cake recipe ideas for new year



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