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Baby shower gift ideas

Top-tips on how to plan for a baby shower:

Baby showers have been known for centuries. They are a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of the new little member of the family and to help the mothers prepare for the motherhood stage.

Whether you are making the party for yourself, or for your close friend, you must consider the following things in your mind:

1- Define your budget: some pays for the party from her own budget and others ask the guests to help.

Anyway, the budget should include the number of guests and the amount of money required to purchase the party supplies, including food and drinks.

2- Define the place of the party: This helps you to know how many people can be invited and to determine the type of the party formal or informal.

3- Define your baby’s needs: This helps the invited guests to choose the baby shower gifts. Some will buy you the basic items, and others will share together to buy the most expensive item.

4- Send invitations: You can send traditional paper invitations via mail, or send out electronic invitations (email, mobile messages) or create new ideas.

5- Prepare the party decorations.

6- It’s the party time: The most important thing is that the mother, father and guests live the atmosphere of celebration.

If something unexpected happens (ex, if the cake is not like what you expected), do not bother yourself and keep laughing and celebrating.

Motherhood does not mean idealism in everything, but it means LOVE. A baby shower is a way to share the love with family and friends.

Dad attending the shower:

Baby shower in some families is for females only. So the party will be just for the mum to be and the females of her family, and the females of her husband’s family and her female friends.

But others plan the shower to be unisex, so the dad and male members of their families can attend the shower.

My view is that a baby shower is a way to share love and happiness. So, it’s good if the dad attends this event.

Easy baby shower DIY desserts ideas:

If you’re the one that loves to cook and want to serve your guest’s homemade delicious desserts, it’s better to take some ideas from some authorized websites.

You can see in this post  50 unique baby shower desserts awesome ideas that I’m sure you’ll like it.


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Baby shower gift ideas for baby boy & baby girl

Unique baby shower gift ideas for the mother:

1- BayB Baby Bean Bag:

It’s great for newborns and developing toddlers, it prevents the development of a flat head and provides relief from acid reflux and gases.

Baby shower gift ideas

2- Baby shusher:

It’s one of the baby shower gift ideas that makes the mother happy.

I’m sure you heard before about how the sound (shush) calms down the baby.

And we know that the new mum sometimes is very exhausting and needs some help when the baby starts crying.

So (Baby shusher) is a perfect gift idea.

Imagine, when the mom tired from the screaming of her little baby, she turns the shusher on and the baby rests to sleep.

How much thanks you’ll get from this gorgeous gift!!!

Baby shower gift ideas

3- New Baby essential kit :

It’s a practical baby shower gift idea, add to that it is included in a gift box.

So, Yaaaay!! How amazing this gift!!

Baby shower gift ideas

4- Blooming Bath Baby Bath:

Baby Bath is one of the biggest concerns of new mothers, I was one of them.

Blooming Bath baby bath makes the bathing time for newborns super easy.

So, she can Bath him on the sink, add to that it’s super soft and comfortable for the baby.

Baby shower gift ideas

5- Fleece baby wrap:

This super comfortable fleece pram suit is perfect for going out.

It has no buttons or zips. It comes with different ranges of beautiful colours.

I’m sure the mom-to-be will be very happy for getting like this unique gift.

Baby shower gift ideas

6- First aid kit:

It’s one of the essential things in every home, plus it’s a practical and useful gift.

Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower decorations ideas:

Again, if you’re a DIY lover, you can easily make the decorations and enjoy it.

Here are 20+ DIY ideas for the best baby shower ever.

Or, you can buy the themes and decorations at cheap prices.

Here are some ideas:

Baby shower gift ideas


Baby shower gift ideas


Baby shower gift ideas

Cheap stickers for a baby shower:

You may need to add some stickers as a part of the party decorations.

Here’s some sticker ideas for baby boy and baby girl.

Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower tableware:

Another important thing is the tableware, usually pink tableware is for girls, and blue tableware is for boys.

Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower decorations for twins:

If the twin is not the same gender, there are a special baby shower decorations for them.

Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas

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Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas


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  1. so many great suggestions in this post. Baby showers have definitely evolved over the years.
    and with parents now knowing the gender of their baby, gift giving can become easier!
    I love the products that make life for a new parent so much better – like that bath mat … no more slippy sliding baby in the sink!

  2. These are really beautiful stuffs and I am sure a mother who will receive these things for her baby shower will definitely become happy.

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