A list of more than 400 pinterest group boards accepting contributors

Here I’ll share with you a list of more than (400) group boards in different niches, all of them are accepting contributors. I’ll try to chech the list each month and write a note if some group boards are not accepting contributors any more, and add new group boards or new niches.

Pinterest has become one of the favorite social media platforms to the bloggers, it’s a search engine rather than a social media.
It’s the biggest traffic referral to so many bloggers. 175 million active users each month use pinterest to find ideas or buy something.

One of pinterest features that helps the bloggers skyrocket their traffic is the group boards.
When you pin your own pin to a group board, there’s a chance that your pin will be seen by all the followers of the group board, even if they don’t follow you.

There’s many ways to find a group board, all of them are time consuming.
So, I’ll help you here and save your time by sharing with you a list of more than (400) group boards, all of them are accepting contributors at the current time.

What you can do is choosing the niche you want, go through the link, read the instructions and apply to the board.

The instructions are different from board to board depending on the group board owner [ WHO IS THE FIRST ONE OF THE CONTRIBUTORS ]. Some ask to send email, or send a private message on pinterest, or subscribe to their blogs, or fill a form or follow their pages on Facebook.

What to write to the group owner to get accepting?

You can easily write any polite request to join the group board, here’s an example:

Hi ( the name of the group owner).
My name is ( your name ), and I’m blogging about ( your niche).
I’d love to consider me as a contributor to your group board ( the name of the group board). I’ll follow all the instructions, and repin from the board to my own boards to help the other contributors.

My pinterest email:
My pinterest link:
My blog URL:

Thank you in advance!

A list of more than 400 pinterest group boards in all niches:

I arranged each list in alphabet order, to make it easy to follow.
This list is for FREE despite it was very time consuming to me.
If you follow my Pinterest account, and repin a few pins from my ( To Be The Perfect Mother board ) to your own boards, I’ll consider it as a ( thank you ) for my efforts and I’ll really appreciate that.
If you have a group board and you want me to add it to the list, please send me a private message on my Pinterest account.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, I put a step by step tutorial to create your own wordpress blog.

A list of more than 400 PINTEREST group boards all of them accepting new contributors. Click To Tweet


Group boards open for all niches :

  1. Anything group board
  2. Anything goes group board
  3. Awesome blogs to follow
  4.  Best blog posts
  5.  Best blog posts on Pinterest
  6.  Best blogs
  7.  Best blogs
  8. Best bloggers to follow
  9.  Best of the best blog posts
  10.  Best pins ever
  11.  Best Pinterest bloggers
  12.  Big up your blog
  13.  Blog
  14.  Blog + biz babes group board
  15.  Blog a share group board
  16.  Blog poss babes
  17.  Blog posts promoting group board
  18.  Blog share karma
  19.  Blogger friends
  20.  Bloggers free for all | group board
  21.  Bloggers friends
  22.  Bloggers of color pin here group board
  23.  Bloggers on Pinterest
  24.  Bloggers pin board
  25. *** bloggers ‘post it’ board *** 
  26.  Bloggers promoting bloggers group board
  27.  *** bloggers share group board ***
  28.  Bloggers sprinkling joy group board
  29.  Bloggers unite ! The best of your blog
  30.  Bloggers unite group board
  31.  Bloggers united
  32.  Bloglovin’ bloggers blog
  33.  Bouillabaisse group board
  34.  Connect and share! Promote each other for success
  35. Entrepreneurs with heart
  36.  Fabulous bloggers to follow & blog posts to binge on
  37.  For the love of blogging
  38.  Girl posses rock beginners
  39.  Girlcrush co: bloggers and business babes
  40.  Love of blogging
  41.  Market what you love
  42.  Millennial lifestyle board
  43. Millennial mindset group board
  44. Mostly blogging group board
  45.  Not a mom group board
  46.  Open board for all
  47.  Passion for Pinterest
  48.  Pinlikecrazy
  49.  Pin anything group board
  50.  Pin crazy
  51.  Pin for everyone
  52.  Pin it all! Group board
  53.  Pintastic bloggers group board
  54.  Pinterest for pro bloggers
  55. Pinteresting bloggers
  56.  ~ promote your blog ~
  57.  ** promote your blog ** bloggers share
  58.  Post your blog! Bloggers promote here
  59.  Post your blog! The oily analyst
  60. Promote your pins
  61. Share all your pins group board
  62. Share the blog love
  63. Share your blog with the world
  64. Share your latest blog post
  65. Share your pins
  66. Sharing is caring
  67. Top bloggers group board
  68. Top bloggers share their posts
  69. Top blogs- share your most popular board
  70. Top blogs- pinterest viral board
  71. Your best life
  72. Your lifestyled group board


For motherhood & parenting bloggers:

  1. All about baby
  2. All about baby
  3. All about mom
  4. Babies and children
  5. Baby & child products group
  6. Baby & kids fashion
  7. Back to school
  8. Being a mom
  9. Being mama
  10. Best mom bloggers
  11. Blogger moms that rock group board
  12. C-sections and VBACS
  13. Everything baby: a group board for moms
  14. Everything family group board
  15. Everything new mama
  16. Everything parenting
  17. Everything mom
  18. Fab motherhood
  19. Family and parenting group board
  20. First time mom group board
  21. For working moms
  22. Fun activities for kids
  23. [Group board] parenting tips
  24. Hear our roar | mommy bloggers
  25. Homeschool mama bloggersJourney through motherhood
  26. Kid stuff
  27. Kids and parenting
  28. Kids & parenting group board
  29. Life with a toddler
  30. Mama blogs group board
  31. Mama entrepreneurs
  32. Mama blogging love
  33. Mama love
  34. Mamas binning mom stuff
  35. Managing mommies
  36. #MOMunity
  37. Mom blog tribes Pinterest board
  38. Mom blogger roundup
  39. Mom bloggers
  40. Mom bloggers collective
  41. Mom bloggers share group board
  42. Mom bloggers unite
  43. Mom bloggers unite parenting
  44. Mom life
  45. Mom life ( group board)
  46. Mom+Tot+blog Group board
  47. Moms helping moms group board
  48. Mommy and wife life
  49. Mommy blogger top picks
  50. Mommy blogs LHG
  51. Mommy tips
  52. Momtastic mommy bloggers
  53. Mom tips and tricks
  54. Motherhood
  55. Motherhood + parenting group board
  56. Motherhood group board
  57. Mummy bloggers
  58. Mummy bloggers unite share group
  59. Newborns, new moms & breastfeeding group board
  60. Parenting and family
  61. Parenting group board
  62. Parenting solutions
  63. Parenting tips and ideas
  64. Parenting tips- how to deal with our little rugrats!
  65. Parenting toddler
  66. Parenting the sh**t out of life
  67. Pregnant mamas
  68. Second baby board
  69. Self care for moms
  70. Terrific mommy blogs
  71. That mom life: group board
  72. Those blogging mama’s
  73. Tips for new moms
  74. Tips for parents of toddlers
  75. Tips for pregnancy
  76. Trendy family must haves|| for babies, kids and parents too!
  77. Ways moms organize
  78. Zuzukids

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For food, recipes bloggers:

  1. 1st class food
  2.  All delicious foods
  3.  Asian food heaven
  4.  Best bloggers recipes
  5.  Best foodie recipes ~ Drool responsibly!
  6.  Best of vegetarian food blogging
  7.  Best recipes for entertaining
  8.  Best world recipes
  9.  Breads across the globe
  10.  Delicious recipes
  11.  Delish!
  12.  DIY from food bloggers
  13.  Fabulous food blogger recipes
  14.  Family friendly recipes
  15.  Favorite food bloggers-main meals, side dishes & snacks
  16.  Favorite recipes
  17.  Favorite recipes
  18.  Festive board
  19.  * food & recipes *
  20.  Food and recipes
  21.  Food blogger recipes
  22.  Food blogger recipes- sharing board
  23.  Food bloggers central sharing board
  24.  Food for overworked moms *NO ALCOHOL
  25.  Food heaven!
  26.  Foodelicoius
  27.  Foodie’s guide
  28.  Foodie’s recipes
  29.  Friends, recipes and more
  30.  Gluten-free sweet bite
  31.  Hearty soups, stews, chili, beans and curries
  32.  Homemade food recipes
  33.  Indian platters
  34.  Instant pot
  35.  Let’s eat and drink! Mom, mom, slurp!
  36.  Let’s eat at home
  37.  Let’s share recipes
  38.  Main course meals & side dishes
  39.  Multiple recipe pins
  40.  Our favorite recipes
  41.  Popular recipes
  42.  Quick and easy recipes
  43.  Recipes
  44.  Recipes
  45.  Recipes and kitchen hacks
  46.  Recipe exchange
  47.  Recipes for moms and family
  48.  Recipes LHG
  49.  Recipes – meals, drinks, desserts, holiday recipes
  50.  Rock your wok!
  51.  The best vegetarian & vegan recipes
  52.  Top recipes for busy moms
  53.  Vegan-n-vegetarian
  54.  Vegan recipes!
  55.  Vegetarian and/or vegan recipes
  56.  Vegetarian recipes
  57.  Wow food group board
  58.  Yummy


For health, fitness, yoga and healthy recipes bloggers:

  1. Best health and wellness group board
  2.  Best keto and low carbs recipes
  3.  Diabetes- low carb recipes and articles
  4.  Ditch the carbs followers: low carbs keto recipes and ideas
  5.  Essential oils group board
  6.  Everyday healthy recipes
  7.  •Health•Fitness
  8. Health | weight loss tips | fitness
  9. Health & beauty group
  10. Health & fitness board 2 new
  11. Health & fitness group
  12. Health and fitness for women
  13. Healthy and fit moms
  14. Health and wellness babes group board
  15. Health & workout tips
  16. Healthy eating tips and recipes NEW
  17. Healthy lifestyle
  18. Health & workout tips
  19. Healthy living/ healthy lifestyle
  20. Healthy living and eating
  21. Holistic health
  22. Fit pregnancy
  23. Fitness & workouts
  24. For your weight only
  25. Getting healthy for your wedding
  26. Paleo recipes for beginners
  27. Top easy low carb paleo keto recipes group board
  28. Top LCHF keto paleo and Banting recipes group board
  29. Yoga group board
  30. Yoga keeps you young
  31. Yoga poses for fun & fitness
  32. Yoga retreat


For entrepreneurs, blogging and social media niches:

  1. Blog+business tips group board
  2. Bloggers helping bloggers
  3. Blogging + bloggers tips
  4. Blogging pros group board
  5. Blogging tools and tips
  6. Blogging whirlwind
  7. Business bloggers and online entrepreneurs group board
  8. Email list building group board
  9. Entrepreneur-ess
  10. Entrepreneurs+business
  11. Everybody blogs about blogging
  12. For blogging/// affiliate marketing group board
  13. How to blog
  14. Make money blogging
  15. Moms blogging about blogging
  16. Pinterest tips
  17. SBB Society- blogging+ business tips
  18. SEO for beginners
  19. SEO strategists
  20. Share your blog with the world
  21. Social media + blogging group board
  22. Social media marketing * group board *
  23. Tips for bloggers | Group board


For making money, saving money bloggers:

  1. All about ways to save on everything
  2. Best work from home jobs
  3. Contributors- all things cheap
  4. Debt reduction tips
  5. Earn extra money
  6. Earn more.live better
  7. Entrepreneurs+online business+productivity
  8. Financial education group board
  9. Financial independence
  10. Frugal and thrifty living tips
  11. Frugal living tips
  12. Frugal mamas squad
  13. Millennial survival guide
  14. Money saving bloggers
  15. Money saving mom- group board
  16. Money saving tips
  17. Money tips
  18. Save more money
  19. Show me the money bloggers
  20. Smart money couples
  21. Stay at home mom jobs
  22. Online side hustles
  23. Organize your life
  24. Personal finance advice
  25. Personal finance roundup
  26. Work from home jobs leads



For home, decor, gardens & DIY bloggers:

  1. All things DIY
  2. Amazing interiors
  3. Beautiful home decor
  4. CBT | interior-DIY-craft Group board
  5. Daily home and living
  6. DIY crafts and home decor group board
  7. DIY home group board
  8. Farmhouse decor group board
  9. Home & garden group board
  10. Home decor
  11. Home decor and DIY
  12. Home decor and ideas group board
  13. Home organizatio
  14. In the garden
  15. Inspiring home decor
  16. Group DIY home decor
  17. Kitchens
  18. Moms home and garden
  19. SS Home decor group


For crochet, knitting & craft bloggers:

  1. Add your best Pinterest DIY
  2. All about crochet
  3. All crochet patterns
  4. Amigurumi group board
  5. Art/craft/DIY group board
  6. Blogger crochet patterns we love
  7. Cozy crochet patterns
  8. Crafts
  9. Creative crochet crafts
  10. Creative DIY’s and crafts
  11. CrochEducation’ crochet tutorials
  12. Crochet
  13. Crochet
  14. Crochet | the catch all board
  15. Crochet Afghans community board
  16. Crochet and amigurumi corner community board
  17. Crochet and knitting blogger fun board
  18. Crochet favorites
  19. Crochet lovers
  20. Crochet patterns and tutorials
  21. Crochet stitches community board
  22. Crochet wearables and toteables community board
  23. Crochet with us
  24. Crocheted and knitted stuff
  25. Croyden crochet collaborative group board
  26. Cute crochet corner
  27. Designers share free crochet patterns
  28. Free and easy crochet patterns
  29. Free bloggers crochet patterns
  30. Free crochet patterns
  31. Free crochet patterns community board
  32. Free crochet patterns from my favorite bloggers
  33. Free crochet patterns from my favorite bloggers
  34. Get “pin”spired with crafty bloggers
  35. Granny crochet community board
  36. Granny square appreciation
  37. Krazy kabbage crochet community- free patterns
  38. Love crochet community board
  39. Maggie’s crochet- all about crocheting group board
  40. Makers gonna make crochet board
  41. My hobby is crochet-collaboration board
  42. Oui crochet community board
  43. Recycle and reuse
  44. The best tutorials
  45. The best vintage graphics
  46. Yarn love- community pinboard


For fashion & beauty bloggers:

  1. All things pretty
  2. All things girly
  3. All things makeup
  4. All women’s fashion
  5. Beauty and makeup lovers
  6. Beauty bloggers
  7. Beauty bloggers best
  8. Beauty bloggers group board
  9. Beauty group board
  10. Best of blogging fashion and lifestyle
  11. Blogger style
  12. Boss babe beauty board
  13. Chic women’s fashion group
  14. Everything about women
  15. Fashion bloggers | best outfits
  16. •Fashion•Bloggers•We•Love•
  17. Hair
  18.  •Look•Du•Jour
  19. #Looks perfect’s
  20.  •love•her•style•
  21. Makeup and beauty
  22. Makeup and beauty group board
  23. Self-care Group board
  24. Top fashion blogger style picks
  25. Women’s fashion of all kinds


For travel bloggers:

  1. Awesome travel blogs group board
  2. Backpacker Wanderlust
  3. Come travel with us ! 
  4. Female travel bloggers
  5. Female travel tips by Tourlina
  6. FTP Europe travel tips
  7. The traveller’s guide
  8. Travel
  9. Travel & eat
  10. Travel and lifestyle
  11. Travel bloggers posts
  12. Travel blogs
  13. Travel the world
  14. Travel-Europe
  15. Ultimate travel posts by fjordsandbeaches.com
  16. United States of America with Lookleft
  17. World of wonderlust


For gift ideas, wedding, holidays & parties:

  1. Christmas group board
  2. Holiday group board
  3. Gift ideas for kids
  4. Gift ideas for her group board
  5. Gift ideas group
  6. Wedding collaborations


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26 thoughts on “A list of more than 400 pinterest group boards accepting contributors”

  1. This is a very comprehensive list of Pinterest group boards. I love how you divided them into various niches to make it easier for your readers. You did a wonderful job in compiling this list. Thank you!

  2. OMG!this has been supper super helpful and I have searching for a long time how to up my pinterest game!
    So grateful to you!

  3. That’s wonderful, I’m so glad you joined & I’ll see you over there… sorry don’t know your name. Over at Blogger’s Traffic Community look me up & say Hi ok?

  4. This is a very nice and informative blog/article.

    I have 5 group boards that you may consider to include in your list. These are:

    How to Make Money Group Board – https://www.pinterest.com/vicentesinguillo/how-to-make-money-group-board/

    Photography Group Board – https://www.pinterest.com/vicentesinguillo/photography-group-board/

    Bible Quotes Group Board – https://www.pinterest.com/vicentesinguillo/bible-quotes-group-board/

    Anything Group Board – https://www.pinterest.com/vicentesinguillo/anything-group-board/

    Christmas Gift Ideas Group Board – https://www.pinterest.com/vicentesinguillo/christmas-gift-ideas-group-board/

    Please feel free to include these.


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