10 cool and useful christmas gift ideas for men


If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for men, then you are in the right place.

If you want to make this Christmas a memorable one by giving an exciting gift to every man or boy in your life, whether he is your Dad, husband, boyfriend, brother and so on. Read here for unique and cool gift inspirations for men.

Gift ideas for men


1- Ampulla Bedside Lamp With Speaker and Wireless Charger:

It’s a perfect gift idea for a person who loves music. It’s wireless so that it’s effortless.

Light of tree plays music directly from a phone, tablet, desktop using Bluetooth. Its technology has access to an entire world of wireless music. Effortlessly stream millions of songs with powerful sound in your favourite playlist.

It’s elegance and simplicity add attractive decoration to the bedroom.

Ampulla Bedside Lamp features are:

  • wireless phone charger.
  • stepless dimming touch control and sleep mood mode. All the complications simplified into one touch,  making your life effortless.

Christmas gift ideas for men

2- Golf Ball Finder Glasses:

It’s a perfect gift to a golfer. Imagine it’s a sunny day, he’s his a great shot. He just knows it, but with that glare and distance, how can he without walking a couple hundred meters?

So, he will save his time and use your lovely gift. The blue tinted glasses will illuminate everything that is white, so he can monitor his long shots!

Golf Ball Finder Glasses features are :

  • never lose your golf balls again.
  • makes white golf balls stand out from the sea of green on golf courses.
  • the perfect accessory for golf enthusiasts.

Christmas gift ideas for men

3- PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper aeroplane.

It’s one of the coolest gift ideas for men.

The powerup lets him experience flight as if he was sitting in the cockpit of his very own paper aeroplane! A live video feed lets him see what the plane sees, and he can control his plane using the free iPhone and Android compatible smartphone app!

smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes features are:

  • stabilised in windy weather.
  • navigate back to you all by itself.
  • you can record or live stream video in flight.
  • it has front & side & rear camera views.
  • there’s a built-in so you can find it when you crash and the carbon fibre builds and crashes proof bumper is extremely tough.

There’s endless fun is to be had with the powerup 3.0! Makes it an impressive gift for aviation and flight geeks.

 Christmas gift ideas for men

4- key smart pro- the most advanced compact key organizer:

I’m pretty sure that you will receive many thanks and appreciation from the person whom you’ll give this gift.

It’s a great way to carry all his keys in a stylish, compact and quiet look.

It has also a tile smart location that lets him track his missing keys on a map, all from the tree tile app on his phone! He can use the tile app to make his key smart pro play a tune so he can find his keys faster!

Not only that! If he misplaced his phone, he just presses the button on his key smart pro and it will make his phone ring, even on silent!

KeySmart Pro features are:

  • Track your missing keys on a map using the free tile app on your phone.
  • Make your phone ring even on silent, you can get locate it faster whenever you misplace it.
  • Shine a light on dark doorways so you can find the keyhole.
  • Always have a flashlight when you need one.
  • Makes your keys compact, quiet and comfortable to carry.
  • Slim look and feel fit perfectly in your pocket.
  • Includes extension screws to fit up to 10 of your keys.

Christmas gift ideas for men

5- Knitted Beard Beanie:

It’s one of the FUNNY gift ideas for men. It’s a gift idea to a person who loves bread heads. This knitted bread beanie moustache would fulfil his every desire and need! (Of course for a short time while he wearing this beanie).

It’s topped off with a classic colour to make him more handsome!

Knitted Beard Beanie features are:

  • Elastic, soft and bread tacular!
  • Great if the wife or girlfriend likes lumberjacks.

Christmas gift ideas for men

6- Doughnut USB Coffee Cup Warmer:

It’s one of the useful gift ideas for men. Having a cup of hot coffee go cold on your might seem like the ultimate of all first world problems but we’ve had enough.

No more will his best coffee beans go to waste while he’s distracted by reading emails. No more will his coffee turn ice cold while he struggles to get annoying Aunt Marge off the phone.

The solution is finally here! He can easily Plug this Doughnut warmer into his PC or Mac’s USB port, stand his favourite cup on it, and his precious brew will never drop below 60 degrees Celsius. No matter how long he’s working for, he can always reach out for a nice, warm cuppa. Day saved!

It’s really a CHARMING GIFT.

Doughnut USB coffee Cup Warmer Mat features are:

  • Ideal for work at home.
  • USB powered (No batteries required), plug into your computer or any USB charger.
  • Use for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.
  • Easy to take anywhere.

 Christmas gift ideas for men

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7- Personalised bracelet, customized for him:

It’s a great gift idea for a man or a boy.

It’s a cord bracelet with a bronze tone charm with English letter of your choice. The cord is black or you can choose another colour from a list. Also, you can choose the length of the bracelet.

Personalised  bracelet features are:

  •  It comes wrapped and ready for gift giving.
  • You can choose the letter, the colour of the cord & the length of the bracelet.

 Christmas gift ideas for men

8- Valet Organizer Key Tray For Men:

It’s the best gift for a guy who is always losing his keys and such. So no more looking for where are the keys, glasses, phone, wallet, watches and the ids.

It keeps all those items and more organized and he will for sure save more time. It also can be used as a valet charging station or as a phone organizer station.

It has a unique, beautiful, convenient design that will save critical time for looking for his miscellaneous things. It’s perfect for everywhere, in the bedroom, office or hotel room.

It’s a handsome gift for a man in your life, so he would have a central location as a catchall for all his stuff.

Valet Organizer Key Tray features are:

  • It’s a central location to keep all his essentials like mobile, wallet, keys watches, ids and more. So no more missing the keys.
  • It has compartments of various sizes and shapes to keep all types of accessories separate, organized and all in one place.
  • It can be used as a charging valet stand for iPhone & iPad.

Christmas gift ideas for men

9- Emporio Armani Men’s Dress Silver Watch:

If you want to give a luxury gift, I recommend this watch. It’s a brand new watch with box and warranty. I’m pretty sure that he will love this gift.

Christmas gift ideas for men

10- 1 Million Perfume By Paco Rabanne:

Perfumes are the most charming and romantic gift ever. It’s a gift that never goes out of date. Unlike clothes or watches, you don’t have to buy the latest versions.

When you fill in love with a perfume, you’ll find yourself buy it ( the same brand and the same model) again and again.

If you want to give your husband a charming perfume, I highly suggest this one.

If he hasn’t tried it yet, I’m sure both of you will love it and stick to it.

Christmas gift ideas for men

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  1. These are all wonderful Christmas ideas for men. This definitely gave me an idea for my husband. I love the Valet Organizer Key Tray. My husband definitely needs that! I also like the bedside lamp speaker and wireless charger. I think my husband would like both.

  2. I love the personalized bracelet! I don’t think my hubby would wear it, but that would be a great present idea for my Dad who is about to become a grandpa 🙂

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